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Gourmet Meal Delivery Gifts for New Parents

Amidst sleepless nights, help ensure new parents receive the sustenance they need to savor every precious moment. Whether you are sending pregnancy congratulations or a meal train, premium food delivery will delight your recipients!

Shower New and Expecting Parents With Our Most Popular Gift

Delight new parents with our best-selling gift option. Select a meal package for the parents in your life and we'll send them a code, letting them choose their preferred meal and delivery date.

Welcoming a new addition can leave parents overwhelmed with the demands of daily life. Our curated selection of gourmet meals is designed to:

  • Alleviate the stress of cooking, allowing new parents to savor each moment.
  • Take one thing off the plate of parents, showing thoughtful consideration during a transformative time.
  • The option to send a meal you know they'll love, or send a Recipient's Choice meal, allowing them to choose their preferred dish.

Best-Selling Gifts for New Parents

Gourmet Meal Gifts: Say Congratulations On A Recent Pregnancy

Why Should You Send Prepared Meals as Gifts?