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7 Opportunities to Gift a Meal & Make a Difference

7 Opportunities to Gift a Meal & Make a Difference

When you think of easy gift giving, you likely think of flowers, gift cards and balloons. While all of these gifts can be endearing, they can sometimes feel impersonal. Gifting a meal takes the experience – both for you and the recipient – to the next level.

There are many ways in which a meal makes an excellent gift and can offer assistance to someone. How many times have you groaned at the thought of following through with your daily dinner routine? If we had to narrow it down to the most popular scenarios for gifting a meal, they are:

1. Send a Gift to Say Congratulations to New Parents

It is no secret that a baby can turn a home upside down. Between diaper changes, disrupted sleep schedules and the joy and confusion of having a helpless infant depending on you, parents appreciate a helping hand. Cooking a complete meal is typically not high on the priority list, but a balanced diet is crucial for both the parents and the baby.

Whether you are part of a meal train or just want to share in the excitement of a new addition, gifting a gourmet meal is a great way to celebrate with new parents while taking one less thing off of their loaded plates. Pun intended!

Quick and easy is all a new parent can ask for, so we’ve made our meals simple to heat up and serve. Give them the time to enjoy a delicious meal and relish in a bit of their old normalcy, without taking up too much valuable time.

2. Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

When you are healing from an illness, injury or operation, you likely have little energy left to spend time cooking dinner for yourself. The same is true for caretakers, who often spend hours tracking schedules, medicines, and cleaning up.

You could send flowers or balloons to show encouragement, but a gifted meal can truly make a difference. Stand out from the rest of the decorative cards with a hot dinner that will warm the belly and lift the heart.

3. Condolence Gifts

It is common practice to send meals to those experiencing a loss. Providing food during mourning is greatly appreciated, relieving the affected family of one less thing to worry about.

When you join a meal train to express your condolences, it can be tricky to decide what to contribute. Consider a gifted meal to take the pressure off yourself while still bringing comfort and assistance to the intended family. A full course, pre-made meal that they can heat up at their convenience can make a world of a difference during a difficult time.

4. Celebration Ideas for Career Milestones

From raises to retirement, achieving milestones at your job should be celebrated! Whether you’re a supportive coworker, boss, friend or family member, you can celebrate career development.

What better way to acknowledge exciting news than with a gourmet dinner experience?

5. Stay Connected in Long Distance Relationships

Being away from loved ones can be hard, regardless of whether it’s a significant other, friend or family member. Missing their presence at the dinner table during holidays and birthdays can make the heart ache. There are ways to make your loved ones feel remembered and loved, even from afar!

Send a meal for them to heat up and invite them to a video call invite that is scheduled at the same time as your family dinner. Having a meal over video can make everyone feel like they are together again! No matter the circumstances, you can still make your distant relationships feel close to home.

6. Last Minute Anniversary Gift Ideas

Going out to dinner to celebrate an anniversary is nice, but it can be both romantic and relaxing to have a cozy night in. What if you could get a gourmet dining experience in the comfort of your own home? Choose from our selection of gourmet meals recipes! These meals can be sent to acknowledge relationship milestones for loved ones, like a 40th wedding anniversary. Make the dinner experience more intimate without compromising on food quality and flavor.

7. Thank You Gift For A Loved One

Gifting a meal is a unique way to show your appreciation. The recipient will appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile with an easy-to-heat dinner and dessert. A more elevated option than a gift card to a casual restaurant.

Whether you order a meal for your recipient or offer them a certificate to choose their favorite cuisine, you’re able to say thank you through food and a fine dining experience!

Heartfelt Gifting with Ease

No matter the scenario, people will rarely turn up their noses to a good meal. That’s what makes gifting a meal so great – your recipient is guaranteed to enjoy it! With Instead of Flowers, you have the option to choose a full-course meal for your recipient or give them a “Recipient’s Choice” meal that allows them to select the perfect dinner for themselves. We offer a wide variety of flavors and cuisines, meeting a range of dietary needs and restrictions. It’s as simple and easy as popping a container in the oven before settling at the table.

Have a gift-giving occasion coming up? Give the gift of a gourmet dinner!

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